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Welcome To My New website!

Welcome to Winver Photography's new and significantly improved website. Do you remember my old one? No? Well, consider yourself thankful. It looked like my almost 2 year old made it. All jokes aside, the website was very basic and hard to navigate. It wasn't the representation I wanted for my work and was in need of a facelift. My business has grown substantially since creating my previous website and with my upcoming relocation to Kansas it only felt right to re-vamp my website. That being said- Please let me know if something isn't working or could be more functional. Some key changes are the ability for clients to schedule consultations online, book mini-shoots, and read my blog. I've never had a blog (or felt compelled to) so if this sounds more like a diary than a blog, I'm sorry in advance. It can only go up from here. If anything, you'll get a very authentic view of who your photographer is. I totally glossed over the whole moving to Kansas thing so let me expand on that. As I write this, Im located in Vermont. In just a couple weeks I will be picking up here in Vermont and moving myself and Winver Photography to good ole Kansas - where I was born and raised. Don't worry Vermont, I promise I'll be back to visit you. I'll miss your overcast skies and scenic drives the most.

My books are open for Kansas for November forward so if you'd like to schedule a session in Kansas for this fall or upcoming year, you can schedule a consultation using the handy button below this blog.

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