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Should you schedule a boudoir session? | Kansas City

Yes, absolutely. You may have heard before that it is empowering, helps build confidence, helps you embrace your body. I can vouch that these are all true statements.

Woman in bodysuit and robe sitting on stool

My goal for 2024 was to start offering boudoir sessions. I had an itch to branch out. I knew I would need to start a portfolio for boudoir, so I set aside a day to offer boudoir sessions at a studio in Kansas City. I had a little bit of spare time in the schedule and decided that I wanted to experience what every single woman in front of my lens would experience herself. It's only fair, right? I had my friend (Who also assisted me for the day) take a few pictures of me. At first I felt a little awkward - okay, a lot. But I quickly warmed up and felt so

beautiful. I did not expect to feel so confident in a body that had previously felt less than. My friend told me I looked like a greek goddess - and you know what? I believed her. When I went to edit said images, I was amazed. I looked so beautiful in them - just as beautiful as I had felt while taking them. It's like seeing myself in a new light - being reminded of my own beauty. All of the parts of me that I wasn't so sure I loved - stretch marks, back dimples, even the cellulite - seemed so lovable.

I truly believe that every single one of us is beautiful. We are all valuable. I would love nothing more than to help you see the perspective that I see, as does everyone else. Boudoir sessions are intimate. It can be intimidating. But its is powerful.

woman in pink corset lingerie looking into distance

Every boudoir session I have taken, I am amazed at how beautiful we all are. Our bodies are a reflection of the incredible journey we have been through. Boudoir illuminates our scars, skin, stretch marks - in the most powerful way. The stomachs that grew our beautiful children. The scars from experiences we've been through. The tattoos that so lovingly decorate our bodies. These are all things that should be celebrated and appreciated.

Woman in lingerie laying on bed

So yes, as I said earlier, you should most definitely take boudoir pictures. I can say with confidence that it is in fact empowering, builds confidence, and allows you to embrace your beautiful body.

If you're reading this, I hope to see you in the studio.

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