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Crown Center proposal (Kansas City) | Joseph and Mallory

In December of 2023, Joseph and I started discussing his plans to propose to his girlfriend Mallory. He lives out of state and was not only planning to surprise her with a proposal, but his being in Kansas City entirely. He had decided to propose a few days before Christmas, at the crown center plaza. We spoke on the phone and ran through a few scenarios that would work to have her encounter a photographer without raising suspicion. He planned with her family to get her to the location without her knowing what was going to happen, and ultimately decided we would have them run into me unplanned.

Joseph holding ring in box in front of Christmas tree.

On the way to Crown center I knew it would be a great session. I ran into no traffic and when I got there, I found the perfect parking spot right next to the door that led to the grassy area Joseph was planning propose at. I walked around the plaza and narrowed down where I thought would be ideal to meet Mallory, as well as propose with the least amount of people in the background. Around half an hour before Mallory was supposed to arrive, I met up with Joseph. We walked through the plan, chose the specific location he would want to propose, and took a few test shots. I talked to Mallorys dad on the phone and told him where we would be and the final plan. I sent him pictures of where we would be standing and he kept me updated on when they arrived and again when they were soon to be in our view.

Joseph and I anxiously awaited, watching for Mallory. We waited for her and her family to appear from the stores and walk towards us. When we saw them, Joseph hid off to the side and blended in with others who were there to see the lights and ice skating. I stood in the middle of the grassy area, pretending to take pictures of the huge tree in the center. Everything was going according to plan!

When they got near me, Mallory's Dad asked me If I could take a picture of their family. I told him I would, and offered to take it with my camera. When everyone was lined up to take the group picture, Joseph approached everyone and completely surprised Mallory. Her reaction was absolutely priceless! They took a moment to hug and speak, and seconds later Joseph got down on his knee and proposed. It was such a sweet moment to witness. You can so clearly see the sweet and genuine love between them.

Joseph on one knee proposing to Mallory in front of giant tree

She said yes, of course! Her whole family was there to celebrate the moment. Joseph and Mallory were showered with love and congratulations. I took candid pictures of them exchanging well wishes, followed by posed pictures of the whole family.

Silhouette of Joseph and Mallory in front of christmas lights at Plaza.

After a short engagement session, we parted ways. I went home to edit sneak peeks for them and they went to their dinner reservation. I can't speak highly enough of Joseph and Mallory. They are both so incredibly kind and welcoming. I feel so honored every time I am part of surprise proposals - theirs being no exception.

Thank you Mallory and Joseph for giving me permission to share your beautiful story!

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